Welcome to MetaComplete

Invaluable platform that quickly and easily scales, adapts and incorporates new features, users, customers, software vendors and business experts. First two fruits of our labor are the lightweight ArchivComplete and the comprehensive Open Data Store project.

Scanned paper records archives and their costs are an enterprise-class problem, and scanning is only the first step I in acquiring a full repertoire of digitalization blessings. You need a focused enterprise solution for managing digitalized and paper content in order to bring out all the benefits.

Unlike powerful, but general-purpose DMS, ECM or pure backup systems, ArchivComplete is a lightweight end-user software that helps you organize and control your content in the long run. This is accomplished by targeting specific archival needs that align your archiving processes according to international and professional standards – ISO 15489, ISAD (G) and MoReq2010.

In the short run, it helps you to generate revenue by enabling a true modern-style collaboration with external users.

Organizations in the public sector are often obligated by the law to make documents and data they produce available to the public for commercial and non-commercial re-use. This data must be machine readable and be widely and easily accessible. That idea is simple, but not always easy to do. This is why we built ODS–OpenDataStore on Microsoft Azure infrastructure, as it boosts both scalability and accessibility, and this is why this project was a 2015 Partner of the Year award finalist.

What ODS products really enable is City-as-a-Service concept, that allows institutions and municipalities from around the world be at their users’ disposal 24/7.